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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuckersuck‧er1 /ˈsʌkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 person informalTRICK/DECEIVE someone who is easily tricked or persuaded to do something You fell for that old line? Sucker!2 be a sucker for somebody/something3 part of an animalHBIHBA a part of an insect or of an animal’s body that it uses to hold on to a surface4 sweet American EnglishDFF a lollipop5 plantHBP a part of a plant that grows from the root or lower stem to become a new plant6 rubberDT a flat round piece of rubber that sticks to a surface by suction
Examples from the Corpus
suckerI know I'm a sucker. I'll give $10 to anyone who tells me they're hungry or wants a cup of coffee.If a man could tell the difference between the two parties he would make a sucker out of Solomon for wisdom.Who isn't a sucker for the classic combination of pears, gorgonzola and walnuts, especially when the walnuts are caramelized.I can't believe you sent them money - what a sucker!Well-dressed suckers were pouring out of the upstairs theatre, barrelling down the rickety spiral staircase, skidding on the highly polished floor.Each day is a new game, sucker, with mornings and midnights raked in by the dealer.Tree frogs have suckers on their feet.Individuals were not the only suckers in this depressing game.Some poor suckers had paid more than three times what they should have for the tickets.How much did that sucker cost you?Institutions, of course, will be the suckers conned into spending the big money for all this equipment.They also lie in wait and whip out an arm to seize the crab with their suckers.