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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtapetape1 /teΙͺp/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 for recording a) [uncountable]TCR narrow plastic material covered with a special magnetic substance, on which you can record sounds, pictures, or computer informationon tape (=recorded on tape) πŸ”Š We’ve got the film on tape. πŸ”Š I hate hearing my voice on tape. b) [countable]TCR a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound on syn cassette πŸ”Š I’ll listen to the tape tomorrow. πŸ”Š William lent me some of his Beatles tapes.tape of πŸ”Š We played a tape of African music and began dancing. πŸ”Š Bring me a blank tape and I’ll record it for you. c) TCR[countable] a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound and pictures on syn videotape2 sticky material [uncountable]D a narrow length of plastic that is sticky on one side and is used to stick things together syn Sellotape British English, Scotch tape American English πŸ”Š a photo stuck to the wall with tape3 thin piece of material [countable, uncountable]DT a long thin piece of plastic or cloth used for purposes such as marking out an area of ground or tying things together πŸ”Š Crime-scene tape marked out the position of the murdered man.4 β†’ the tape5 for measuring [countable]TZ a tape measure β†’ red tape
Examples from the Corpus
tapeβ€’ Future schoolboys may look at tape of the shopping channels.β€’ They can improve lighting, put contrasting tape on stairs, and use dark-colored dishes when serving light-colored foods.β€’ This is done while the transfer of both pictures and original sound is being made on to a copy tape.β€’ This latter case will favour the use of a sequential magnetic tape file.β€’ Now that I have a CD player, I don't listen to my tapes anymore.β€’ Note the crepe paper tape which can be used to lay down lines of various widths.β€’ Compared to open-reel tape machines they are also easier to load and store and provide better protection for the tape.β€’ On one wall, a walnut credenza held a stereo tape player.β€’ Endorsed by famed consultant Zig Ziglar, Drury instructs over 50,000 each year at live presentations and through video tapes.blank tapeβ€’ Put about ten on a blank tape, then play it once through to your Six.β€’ Using the freezer facility, can I put all my games on blank tapes to load faster?β€’ And the success of the established record industry's campaign for a royalty on blank tape could also contribute.β€’ Buying that blank tape had been a waste, for she knew she would never dare play it back.