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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtubulartu‧bu‧lar /ˈtjuːbjələ $ ˈtuːbjələr/ adjective  CFTmade of tubes or in the form of a tube tubular metal furniture
Examples from the Corpus
tubularThe wind begins to moan ghoulishly between their blistered tubular legs.In humans, tubular magnesium, secretion is not important physiologically.It was a shaky little card table with legs of tubular metal.Barrett's oesophagus represents a metaplastic transformation of the normal squamous cell epithelium of the lower tubular oesophagus into columnar epithelium.The method provides an accurate segmental measurement of distension of tubular organs.Inside a bicycle tire is a long tubular piece of rubber.Enhanced tubular reabsorption of calcium, Thiazide therapy.All diuretics of the thiazide group enhance the distal tubular reabsorption of calcium.Then again by hand, knit two tubular rows on these same eight stitches.The Renaissance Center is a huge tubular steel and glass shopping mall.tubular steel structure