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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwheeledwheeled /wiːld/ adjective 🔊 🔊 DThaving wheelstwo-wheeled/three-wheeled/four-wheeled etc (=having two, three etc wheels) 🔊 a three-wheeled car
Examples from the Corpus
wheeled• He made a pass across the small cluster of dwellings, wheeled and dipped down for a second pass.• Out of the sky another rook flew and wheeled and then landed at the entrance to the place.• Many residents have some kind of support which is usually a stick, a Zimmer or wheeled frame or a wheelchair.• Price from £345.92 Left: From Nova's Imperial range, a comfortable wheeled lounger to sit and relax in.• More expensive wheeled models are available and are easier to handle, but they might need more room to manoeuvre.• A trolley was wheeled past by two brutish-looking orderlies chewing gum.• Then a doctor appeared and more bustle followed, until a wheeled stretcher was pushed out and Robbie was wheeled away.• The Doc pushed the wheeled table back against the wall, giving her some space.