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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcradlecra‧dle1 /ˈkreɪdl/ noun  1 BEDDHB[countable] a small bed for a baby, especially one that moves gently from side to sidecot She rocked the cradle to quieten the child.2 the cradle of something3 from (the) cradle to (the) grave4 BEGINNING[singular] the beginning of something Like most Catholic children, he had heard stories of Ireland from the cradle.5 TBC[countable] a structure that is used to lift something heavy up or down a window-cleaner’s cradle6 TCT[countable] the part of a telephone where you put the receiver when you are not using it She replaced the receiver on the cradle. cat's cradle, → rob the cradle at rob(5)
Examples from the Corpus
cradleThe baby rested peacefully in his cradle.Out of nowhere came a gold incense cradle.Jane put Chantal down in her makeshift cradle in the corner and hastily tidied herself up.When the telephone rang, it was like a rude interruption into a special cradle of time.In it was a single bed and also the cradle in which she and Jessie had lain many years ago.Ancient Athens is generally thought of as the cradle of democracy.Baghdad, the cradle of civilizationHe put the phone down on the cradle and stared at it.When we hear Frau Braun coming, I hastily drop the gauze over the cradle and hide behind the partition.Yearning made a warm cradle in her stomach.I curse myself for not strangling you in your cradle.rocked ... cradleIf she cried he rocked the cradle and sang to her tunelessly.from the cradleThey are electrically powered and operate from supports built on rails with vertical and horizontal movement controlled from the cradle.Her life, comparative ease from the cradle up; she had to thank her father.Because you've been crackers about Christopher, in love with him from the cradle.He had heard stories of Ireland from the cradle, as most Catholic children had.Practices which have characterised the details of your daily living from the cradle upwards are dealt a swift and final blow.The state now provided something of a protective safety net from the cradle to the grave.