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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacsimilefac‧sim‧i‧le /fækˈsɪməli/ noun [countable]  1 COPYan exact copy of a picture, piece of writing etc2 formalTCT a fax
Examples from the Corpus
facsimileIn a world instantly connected by a finger on a facsimile machine, it might seem unnecessary to decentralise research.A facsimile of the 1896 book was published in February.This technique has enabled extremely accurate facsimiles of ancient bodies to be produced.Some vendors are expected to build devices that add facsimile and telephone capabilities, while others offer speech processing capability.Being live performances, these are real facsimiles of how I recall Ferrier sounding in performance.After a few experiments, I came up with a reasonable facsimile of Rebecca's accidental assemblage.Riven felt somehow that it was fitting - Jenny's facsimile had come ahead of them.