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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhotlinehot‧line, hot line /ˈhɒtlaɪn $ ˈhɑːt-/ noun [countable]  TCTa special telephone line for people to find out about or talk about something Call our crime hotline today.
Examples from the Corpus
hotlineMrs McGrath said he was arrested after a local newspaper set up a hotline appealing for information.I phoned the Packard Bell hotline and after a couple of days' wait they were very helpful.In the world of computer hotlines, good techs are in high demand.Call the Rialto concert hotline, 740-0126, for more information.In the past, local hotlines have to the best of their ability provided only a patchwork quilt of assistance.Call our special hotline to voice your opinion.The telephone hotline for remaining tickets is 071-793 1234.