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mobilemo‧bile2 /ˈməʊbaɪl $ ˈmoʊbəl, -biːl/ ●●○ adjective  1 MOVE something OR somebodynot fixed in one position, and easy to move and use in different places mobile air-conditioners2 SSmoving or able to move from one job, area, or social class to another a more mobile workforce People these days are much more socially mobile. an upwardly mobile (=moving to a higher social scale) professional3 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONable to move or travel easily opp immobile She’s more mobile now that she has her own car.4 mobile library/shop/clinic etc5 mobile mouth/face/featuresCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: moving or able to move from one job, area, or social class to anotheradverbshighly mobile (=very mobile)We now live in a highly mobile society.upwardly mobile (=moving up to a higher social class)The restaurant's customers are mainly upwardly mobile young professionals.socially mobile (=moving from one social class to another, especially to a higher social class)Children today are even less likely to be socially mobile.
Examples from the Corpus
mobileEthel needed help on the stairs, but was otherwise mobile.The population of the U.S. has become more geographically and socially mobile.Alligators are really mobile animals, used to moving from one body of water to another.Remote areas are served by a number of weekly mobile clinics.It's important to keep the patient mobile during recovery.Eleven mobile eye screening units are now in operation throughout the United Kingdom.She has an extraordinarily mobile face and an infectiously comic manner.He won't be mobile for some time. It's a bad knee sprain.As soon as it is sold the 58-year-old widow plans to move into the mobile home in nearby Laguna Beach.They agreed to leave the hill and their mobile homes behind, and to remove the mobile homes on Sunday.The community currently receives service from a rural mobile library.Neuman revealed that she nearly quit showbusiness to run a mobile massage parlour.The mobile phase flows continuously over the stationary phase and as it does so separates the components on the stationary phase.Using souped-up scanners and antennas, thieves station themselves near mobile phone callers.The 1990s have been characterized by record-breaking growth in most wireless segments, including cellular, paging, and specialized mobile radio.upwardly mobileThe dating agency specializes in finding partners for the young and upwardly mobile.The congregation was mostly young, unmarried, well-educated and upwardly mobile.The Praga became a favoured haunt for upwardly mobile apparatchiks, visiting VIPs and wedding parties.Conforming to the more rigid traditions such as locking up women is a privilege only the upwardly mobile can afford.The Kotalawalas and the in Rayigam Korale, were both upwardly mobile Goyigama families with much local influence.He should be an achiever and upwardly mobile in his job.A great deal of the nudge-nudge wink-wink routine by the young upwardly mobile male executives was the usual response to her presence.Perhaps the upwardly mobile middle classes in 1990s Detroit are now surrounding themselves with postmodern houses and artefacts!We had moved to an upwardly mobile suburb of Chicago.a highly educated, upwardly mobile young woman