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telegraphtelegraph2 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]TCT to send a message by telegraph Once he knew where we were, Lewis telegraphed every few hours.2 [transitive] informalCLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND to let people know what you intend to do without saying anything A slight movement of the hand telegraphed his intention to shoot.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
telegraphThe passage of the train was telegraphed forward from point to point throughout its journey.They had called people together in New Jersey, prayed, then telegraphed him.Hills' main weakness as quarterback is that he telegraphs his passes.Its pictures of a divided society, licensed beggars and so on, telegraphed McEwan's concerns a little brashly.By 1844, a Washington newspaper started printing telegraphed news from Maryland.They tried to hit the symbolic spikes with a sledgehammer wired to telegraph the event of the blow, but they failed.Barrett telegraphed the owner to see if he would sell the property.I telegraphed you before I married and gave you the chance to stop it then.