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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtelephone callˈtelephone ˌcall noun [countable]  TCTTELEPHONEwhen you speak to someone by telephone There’s a telephone call for you, Mr Baron.have/get/receive a telephone call I had a telephone call from George this morning. Can I make a quick telephone call?
Examples from the Corpus
telephone callA telephone call is all it takes to summon one of our team of experts to your doorstep.The first telephone call followed shortly thereafter.Some time ago I received a frantic telephone call from Carol, who had undergone successful hypnotic treatment about two years earlier.Not even a lousy telephone call.Harriet prepared herself for the telephone call that must come from the headmaster.make ... telephone callShe searched again before making her telephone call.Just to make the telephone call.All you did was make a telephone call.