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wirewire2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 (also wire up) a) to connect wires inside a building or piece of equipment so that electricity can pass through Check that the plug has been wired up properly. b) to connect electrical equipment to the electrical system using wireswire something to something The CD player had been wired up to the car’s cigarette lighter.2 BFBto send money electronically3 to attach a piece of recording equipment to a person or room, especially secretly4 be wired for something5 American EnglishTCT to send a telegram to someone6 TIEto fasten two or more things together using wirewire something together The poles had all been wired together. wiring→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
wireSooner or later most workers will be wired, and another moderator of inflation will then have been exhausted also.Satellite customers who are wired for cable sometimes keep the service to get local channels.They are very data conscious now and more wired into productivity, quality, the importance of training, and customer service.Could you wire me $50?This latter method is often a good way of wiring outside lights.Tracy had to have her jaw wired shut.Bud wired the CD player up to the cigarette lighter in his car.The electrician is coming to wire the house tomorrow.We strap on the goggles and headphones which are wired up to what looks like a drum machine.The businessman was then wired with a listening device and given $ 30,000 to offer Mr Tucker.