Language: Old English
Origin: andswaru


1 noun
an‧swer1 S1 W1


[uncountable and countable] something you say when you reply to a question that someone has asked you [= response]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
give (somebody) an answer get/receive an answer wait for an answer an honest/straight answer a definite answer (=when you say definitely yes or no) the short/simple answer is ... spoken in answer to somebody's question the answer is yes/no spoken
You don't have to give them an answer now.
Every time I ask him about it, I get a different answer.
answer to
These are important questions, and we want answers to them.
She's still waiting for an answer from the school.
The honest answer was that I didn't know.
He was never able to get a straight answer about why it happened.
It's impossible for me to give you a definite answer at this time.
The short answer is that it can't be done.
In answer to your question, yes, you can go.
If it's money you want, the answer is no!

test/competition etc

[countable] something that you write or say in reply to a question in a test or competition
answer to
What was the answer to question 4?
the right/wrong/correct/incorrect answer
Score two points for each correct answer.

invitation/letter etc

[countable] a written reply to a letter, invitation, advertisement etc
answer to
Did you ever get an answer to your letter?


[countable] a way of dealing with a problem [= solution]
simple/easy/obvious answer
There is no simple answer.
answer to
The police do not have an answer to rising crime.
Some people think cars should be banned from the city, but I don't think that's the answer.
be the answer to somebody's problems/worries etc
If he could get a job it'd be the answer to all his worries.

on the phone

[singular, uncountable usually in negative]TCT if you get an answer when you call someone on the phone, they pick up the phone and talk to you:
I tried calling him all day but couldn't get an answer.

at the door

[singular, uncountable usually in negative] if you get an answer when you knock on a door, someone opens it and talks to you :
I tried knocking on her door, but there was no answer.

have/know all the answers

informal to be very sure that you know everything about a situation, especially when you do not:
He acts like he has all the answers.

somebody's answer to something

written someone or something that is considered to be just as good as a more famous person or thing:
The Space Needle is Seattle's answer to the Eiffel Tower.