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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishomnibusom·ni·bus1 /ˈɒmnɪbəs, -bʌs $ ˈɑːm-/ noun [countable]  1 AMT British English a radio or television programme consisting of several programmes that have previously been broadcast separately the Saturday omnibus edition of ‘Brookside’2 TCNa book containing several stories, especially by one writer, that have already been printed separately Omnibus editions of novels tend to be too heavy to be read with comfort.3 British English old-fashionedTTC a bus
Examples from the Corpus
omnibusWhen she got off the train from Chertsey she didn't have enough money to take an omnibus.Congress is acting on separate farm legislation after Clinton vetoed an omnibus budget bill that included language on agricultural policy.Yet every hotel had its omnibus meet the trains and charged each guest twenty-five cents for a one-way trip.What the lorry did for goods, the omnipresent omnibus soon did for passengers.Drawn by three horses abreast Shillibeer's omnibus ran from Paddington to the Bank four times a day each way.Elsewhere the private carriage and the omnibus dominated early suburban traffic.