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phone-inˈphone-in noun [countable]  AMTa radio or television programme in which you hear ordinary people expressing opinions or asking questions over the telephone
Examples from the Corpus
phone-inWhere the tip-off really came from could never be later established, except that it was a phone-in and anonymous.They are planning a blitz of television commercials, town-hall meetings and phone-ins.Call the separate live phone-in programme on 0224-625900.As a regular broadcaster on local radio I went along to Radio Nottingham for one of my phone-ins on slimming.Midland finally gave in when her case was featured on a radio phone-in about bad treatment by banks.A radio phone-in was swamped with complaints yesterday about Sure Style Windows salesmen working in Cleveland.Something very similar happens on the meet-the-people programmes, the phone-ins and studio debates.The phone-in revealed two more people who had called the police to remove Sure Style salesmen.