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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprime timeˈprime ˌtime noun [uncountable]  AMTthe time in the evening when the largest number of people are watching television a prime time entertainment programme prime time television prime time audiences a speech that was broadcast live during prime time
Examples from the Corpus
prime timeGrot-bag Jo Brand will never be prime time, no matter how much lipstick she wears.Under no circumstances, however, should the Dole campaign let Buchanan speak during prime time at the Republican Convention.What a sweet deal that is-the stars get to look caring in exchange for prime time product placement.The concluding town hall meeting will be broadcast in prime time.Blimey, the schedules must be crammed with quality home-grown shows to keep such a peach out of prime time.So why don't you both get off prime time telly immediately and make way for the new generation?We know when the weather turns warm, prime time goes cold.