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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepeatre‧peat1 /rɪˈpiːt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb [transitive]  1 say againREPEAT to say or write something again Can you repeat your question? Sorry – could you repeat that?repeat that Nick patiently repeated that he had to work that day. It is not, I repeat not, my fault. ‘I promise, ’ she repeated.repeat yourself (=say something that you have said before, usually by mistake) Elderly people tend to repeat themselves.2 do againAGAIN to do something again Repeat the exercises twice a day. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past.repeat a class/grade/year (=do the same class at school again the following year) The team are hoping to repeat their success (=achieve the same good result) of last season.3 learnREPEAT to say something that someone else has just said, especially in order to learn itrepeat (something) after somebody Repeat after me: amo, amas, amat ...4 tellREPEAT to tell someone something that you have heard, especially something secret Here’s what happened, but don’t repeat it.5 broadcastTCBAMT to broadcast a television or radio programme again The series will be repeated in the autumn.6 something doesn’t bear repeating history repeats itself at history(8) repeat on somebody→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
repeatThe news is hardly worth repeating."I just can't believe it, " he repeated.A month later when Dole visited Illinois' capital, Springfield, the scene was repeated.Repeat after me: "I'm not going to waste any more money on lottery tickets.''Why do you have to repeat everything I say?Henry kept repeating her phone number to himself so he wouldn't forget it.Holmes repeated his experiments to verify the existence of atoms.And six years later, history threatens to repeat itself in Rancho Las Isabeles.If history repeats itself, Taylor could be up for her second Grammy award.Willy has to repeat kindergarten.You can not, repeat not, fake it.A pattern of red and green flowers is repeated on the bedspread and drapes.The awards show will be repeated on TNN Saturday night at six.Could you repeat question number six, please?She repeated that there was no need for alarm.Despite the glossy packaging he ruined Labour's chances last time and he is set to repeat the disaster.Holmes repeated the experiment several times and got the same results.The resource person may correct a serious error and repeat the phrase again but with no trace of disapproval or reproach.After the students have finished, have them exchange roles and repeat the procedure.Could you repeat the question? I wasn't listening.The kidnappers have repeated their demand for ransom.Repeat this exercise ten times every day and you'll soon have a flatter stomach.This cycle repeats, until the best string is good enough."He's planning to move, " she said, repeating what Bobby had told her.Sam came out of the room and repeated what the doctor had said.repeat thatI repeat that and I hold to it.She kept repeating that he had to stay in El Salvador.Martin kept repeating that he was hungry.It can not repeat that mistake.To complete this traditional picture, it has to be repeated that production was always held to be beneficial.He repeated that the Action Committee should call for change.I repeat that the question on the Order Paper tonight is irrelevant to the question before the House and the country.Carey repeated that the union would sign no deal unless it included limits on subcontracting and added more full-time jobs.I repeat that we will maintain firm vigilance over local authority spending.repeat a class/grade/yearFailure to communicate successfully will have far-reaching consequences - bad reviews, the need to repeat a class.It also involves all parents, who are anxious that their children should not repeat a year.