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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsitcomsit‧com /ˈsɪtkɒm $ -kɑːm/ noun [countable, uncountable]  AMT (situation comedy) a funny television programme in which the same characters appear in different situations each weeksee thesaurus at programme
Examples from the Corpus
sitcomDoing a sitcom was something I was never going to do.After all, this was only a sitcom.What prevents Moodysson's commune from being simply a sitcom is the warmth and sympathy with which everyone is conceived.The popular British sitcom "One Foot in the Grave" will finish this year.Stuck On You, though, proved the most promising bet so far, in this procession of eight sitcom try-outs.Certainly, as the Happy Days generation try to escape sitcom suburbia, their films are getting worse.Paula Poundstone will have her own Fox sitcom in the fall of 1998.But in material terms life on a I960s sitcom closely mirrors life on a I990s sitcom.Several family-oriented sitcoms are on in the early evening.Reynolds said he was expecting episodes of his Evening Shade sitcom to sell for at least $ 800,000 in syndication.