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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoapsoap1 /səʊp $ soʊp/ ●●● S3 noun  1 soap.jpg [countable, uncountable]DHC the substance that you use to wash your bodydetergent Wash thoroughly with soap and water. a bar of soap2 [countable] informalAMT a soap operaCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa bar of soapShe was washing herself with a big bar of soap.soap and waterDid you wash your hands with soap and water?soap + NOUNa soap bubblea sink filled with soap bubblessoap suds (=a lot of soap bubbles)She paused and looked at him, her arms covered in soap suds.a soap dish (=a container for a bar of soap)a soap dispenser (=a container from which you get liquid soap)adjectivesscented/perfumed soapHis hands smelled of perfumed soap.verbssoap lathers (=it produces bubbles when made wet)Soap will not lather in hard water.
Examples from the Corpus
soapSystems of this type have been seen in beer production, cigarette manufacture, electrical appliances and soap manufacture.Clean dentures with a soft brush and soap and water after every meal and leave them in water overnight.It was Zoya, a friend from work, asking Anna if she'd managed to get soap.The Hagman soap will air at 10 p. m. on Wednesdays starting next week.a bar of soapFrom the pocket of the shirt he took a nail-brush and a small piece of soap.Expect more let-downs and bizarre character rewrites when the struggling soap adds an episode.Then the joys of Vinolia soap and towels hung to warm on the fireguard and flames dancing on her nakedness.Wash thoroughly with soap and water.bar of soapTo my left as I entered were two washbasins with a single cold-water faucet and a bar of soap on the side.Food, to them, was a commodity, and they treated it with as little respect as a bar of soap.I tossed a bar of soap on the floor and he stomped on it, driving it across the tiles.You, the ever caring sister, came along, probably with a bar of soap.Twice a year we get two pounds of cooking oil, and only five bars of soap for a whole year.It has become a cliche to say that presidential candidates are being marketed like bars of soap and boxes of cereal.Make a natural soap drainer Put an end to soggy bars of soap by making a natural soap dish.Tom handed him a large square bar of soap and showed him how to use it.