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spin-offˈspin-off, spinoff /ˈspɪnɒf $ -ɒːf/ noun [countable]  1 AMTa television programme involving characters that were previously in another programme or film2 a separate and partly independent company that is formed from parts of an existing company, or the action of forming a company in this way3 RESULTan unexpected but useful result of something, that happens in addition to the intended result Laser research has had important spin-offs for eye surgery.
Examples from the Corpus
spin-off"Frasier" was a spin-off from "Cheers."Within a year of this change virtually every unionized contractor had established spin-off companies.Research into lasers has had important spin-offs for eye-surgery.One of the main spin-offs for countries that host the Olympic Games is increased business for hotels, restaurants, and theatres.The cuts reflect diminished debt protection measures and increased business risk associated with the planned spin-off, it commented.There are also huge technological spin-offs.Leaders may personally benefit more than the led but all share in the spin-offs from competent leadership.General economic arguments, however, omit the spin-off benefits from the inventiveness of financial operators in search of bargains and easy profits.But there are two spin-off implications for hoteliers.One unexpected spin-off was the growth of a few genuine friendships.