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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishCelsiusCel‧si‧us /ˈselsiəs/ noun [uncountable] (written abbreviation C)  TMTa scale of temperature in which water freezes at 0º and boils at 100º syn Centigrade, → Fahrenheit 12º Celsius (=12 degrees on the Celsius scale)Celsius adjective
Examples from the Corpus
CelsiusThis is a cooling of 22 Celsius degrees.They drink mineral water piped into the Imperial and heated to 70 degrees Celsius and receive regular treatment.Temperature can also be raised to realistic deep-Earth values, usually to several hundred degrees Celsius.The temperature will rise to a maximum of about nine degrees Celsius, about normal for the time of year.Rain fell, and the temperature went down to ten degrees Celsius.But it was only somewhere about thirty degrees Celsius and after a few days I had become accustomed to the change in temperature.Heating these materials to about a thousand degrees Celsius is sufficient to decompose these minerals and release the water contained in them.This temperature can then be converted into Celsius by subtracting 32, multiplying by 5 and dividing by 9.