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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeucedeuce /djuːs $ duːs/ noun  1 DST[uncountable] the situation in tennis when both players have 40 points, after which one of the players must win two more points to win the game2 [countable] American English a playing card with the number two on it3 what/how etc the deuce ...?
Examples from the Corpus
deuceThis was seen to notable effect at 3-3 and deuce on Chesnokov's serve in the second set.His opponent, Mr Jones wins each of his three games off the first advantage from deuce.In a nail-biting last game, Lau just edged home in deuce 22-20 to put Pinewood into their first cup final.The last game before the first drizzle arrived saw Rafter taken to six deuces as he wrestled to hold his serve.It is like an endless, exhausting game of tennis, deuce after deuce.Alba said you wouldn't have me, though how the deuce she knows anything-!It lasted 32 points, 13 of them deuces.