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Topic: Textures, sounds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtexturetex‧ture /ˈtekstʃə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 CSTOUCHthe way a surface or material feels when you touch it, especially how smooth or rough it issmooth/silky/rough etc texture the smooth texture of silk a designer who experiments with different colours and textures2 the way that a particular type of food feels in your mouthcreamy/crunchy/meaty etc texture This soup has a lovely creamy texture.3 formalALCHARACTER OF something the way the different parts of a piece of writing, music, art etc are combined in order to produce a final effect the rich texture of Shakespeare’s Englishtextural adjectivetexturally adverbCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectivessoftThe texture of the cheese is soft and creamy.firma round loaf with a firm texturesmoothThe dessert had a good all-round flavour and a smooth texture.silky (=soft, smooth, and shiny)a cream with a silky texturevelvety (=smooth and soft)The cream gave my skin a velvety texture.roughShe felt the rough texture of his beard against her cheek.creamy (=tasting thick and smooth)The soup looked beautiful and the texture was really creamy.crunchy (=tasting firm and making a noise when bitten)The salad has a lovely crunchy texture.meatyThe bacon has a good meaty texture and it isn't too salty.
Examples from the Corpus
textureWe all learn to like certain tastes, certain textures in the foods we eat.The beer has a creamy texture.The purposes of the additives are to give stability, dispersion, texture, and even flow.the grainy texture of the filmCotton is coarser in texture than silk.It is raised three times rather than two and is actually light in texture because of the high proportion of bread flour.The packs have been formulated to give as wide a variety of texture and flavour as possible.a smooth, silky textureThe wood in the table had a lovely smooth texture.This mediumbodied red with soft texture and light tannins is a good pizza red at an attractive price.She could still feel, from fingertip to elbow, the textures of cotton shirt, silk tie and tweed jacket.The actors work hard to recreate the texture of Brooklyn in the '30s.smooth/silky/rough etc textureSafeway Organic Bananas, £1.59 for six A sweet banana with good all-round flavour and a smooth texture.The hairs have overlapping scales, which gives them a rough texture and increases the friction between goat and snow.I used the smoother side of the paper as I find a definite, rough texture rather intrusive.The heel of one of them might massage his arm or the rough texture of his cheek.The rough texture of the coat helps to protect it in undergrowth.creamy/crunchy/meaty etc textureI keep one pressed goats' milk cheese, Burndell, which has a creamy texture and a mild flavour.Delicious stir fried with meats, they have a crunchy texture similar to string beans, but they cook faster.It was a thick broth with a creamy texture.We were looking for a good flavour and meaty texture.Fiddleheads have a distinctive taste, somewhat akin to green beans or artichokes, and a pleasing crunchy texture.Then try Camembert Le Rustique's creamy texture and richer taste.These leaves are valued for their crunchy texture and slightly smoky flavour, and are usually sold in plastic bags.Thick, meaty texture, if a little dry.