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crispcrisp2 /krɪsp/ noun [countable] British English  crisps.jpg DFa very thin flat round piece of potato that is cooked in oil and eaten coldchip syn potato chip American English a packet of crisps
Examples from the Corpus
crispLike many children, David was fond of sugary foods and liked ice-cream, orange squash, chocolate and crisps.Avoid savoury manufactured goods and crisps. 5 Eat a variety of foods including fresh ones.The meal then followed and all had their fill of sausage rolls and crisps, washed down with delicious barley water.You know crisps give me indigestion.Hence the reception, with bottles of wine and the odd crisp provided by Paul Lexington Productions.And why bother baking a potato when a packet of crisps is to hand?