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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeatheryfeath‧er‧y /ˈfeðəri/ adjective  CFCSlooking or feeling light and soft, like a feather The plant has feathery leaves.
Examples from the Corpus
featheryAffixed to the top of it, swaying as he moves, is a bunch of feathery artificial leaves.Give him to the Believe-It-or-Not museum, along with a photograph of his eyes and his feathery blond hair.The young feathery, blue/green foliage glistens after rain and when covered with morning dew.dark brown, feathery hairWhen the feathery shoots appear, they will grow up around the carrot top to make a pretty hanging basket.feathery snowThe soles of her feet were feathery soft.Her dark blonde hair was cut into a short, feathery style, which had been popular a few years ago.For some children, a light, feathery touch feels like some one rubbing sandpaper over sunburned skin.The paddy fields have turned a feathery yellow.