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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfibrousfi‧brous /ˈfaɪbrəs/ adjective  CSconsisting of many fibres or looking like fibres The coconut has a fibrous outer covering.
Examples from the Corpus
fibrousAmyloidosis occurs when an abnormal protein becomes fibrous and becomes deposited in the heart muscle.The incoming immune adults then graze the lower more fibrous echelons of the herbage which contain the majority of the L3.This is why the paper-maker is able to make a fibrous pulp for your morning paper from wood.Description: This aquatic water fern is a rosette plant which has dense, fibrous roots.This means that large fibrous structures form near T m, whereas greater numbers of small spherulites grow at lower temperatures.Overcooking, however, will result in the dryness and fibrous texture that occur with any bird subjected to too much heat.The unsalted eggplant had a firmer, slightly fibrous texture while the salted eggplant was creamier and slightly pillowy.The three nails are formed of dark fibrous tissue and are exceedingly sharp.