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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinefine1 /faɪn/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective  1 GOOD ENOUGHacceptable [not before noun] especially spoken satisfactory or acceptable syn OK ‘We’re meeting at 8.30.’ ‘Okay, fine.’looks/seems/sounds fine In theory, the scheme sounds fine. If you want to use cheese instead of chicken, that’s fine. ‘Do you want chili sauce on it?’ ‘No, it’s fine as it is, thanks.’I’m fine (thanks/thank you) spoken (=used when telling someone that you do not want any more when they offer you something) ‘More coffee?’ ‘No, I’m fine, thanks.’that’s fine by me/that’s fine with me etc spoken (=used when saying that you do not mind about something) If Scott wanted to keep his life secret, that was fine by her.2 healthyHEALTHY in good health syn OK ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine, thanks, how are you?’ I feel fine, really.see thesaurus at healthy3 very good [usually before noun]GOOD/EXCELLENT very good or of a very high standard Many people regard Beethoven’s fifth symphony as his finest work. He’s a very fine player. It’s a fine idea. Hatfield House is a fine example of Jacobean architecture. The restaurant was chosen for its good food and fine wines.see thesaurus at good4 weatherWEATHER bright and not raining If it’s fine tomorrow we’ll go out.a fine day/morning/evening I hope it stays fine for you.5 narrowTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIAL very thin or narrow Fine needles are inserted in the arm. a fine thread very fine hairs 6 delicate [usually before noun] attractive, neat, and delicate fine china Her dark hair accentuates her fine features (=nose, eyes, cheeks etc).7 small a) DIFFICULTfine details, changes, differences etc are very small and therefore difficult to understand or notice We stayed up discussing the finer points of Marxist theory. b) CSSMALLin small grains, pieces, or drops A fine drizzle started falling. a mixture of fine and coarse breadcrumbs c) fine material is made so that the spaces between the threads are very small fine netting scarlet cloth with a very fine weave8 GOOD ENOUGHbad [only before noun] especially spoken used humorously to say that someone or something is bad in some way That’s another fine mess (=bad situation) he’s got himself into. You’re a fine one to talk (=you are criticizing someone for something you do yourself).9 speech/wordsIMPRESS sounding important and impressive, but probably not true or honest Only time will tell whether these fine sentiments will translate into action.10 a fine man/woman etc11 a fine line between something and something12 get something down to a fine art13 not to put too fine a point on it14 finer feelings15 a fine figure of a man/woman16 somebody’s finest hour chance would be a fine thing at chance1(11)
Examples from the Corpus
fineFor Lochlin and Sandy Reidy, corporate life and family life make a perfectly fine blend, and they should know.Next week will be fine but a little cooler.a fine chiffon veil with embroidered edgesA fine coating of dust covered most of the furniture.Scientists are now able to measure fine distinctions between levels of sleep depth.The collar is made of finest English lace.Trinity Church is a fine example of Gothic architecture.It caused a fine flap and the Election Board had no choice but to conduct an inquiry.I met this fine Italian girl at school.fine jewelryA.. One of the nice things about running for chairman is the people who ran against me were fine people.The charcoal glen plaids are distinctive for their fine royal blue lines.Cut the onion into fine slices.It handles like a fine sports car.a fine spring evening"How's your wife now?'' "Oh, she's fine, thank you.''Fine, then, I'll do it myself.the fine tuning on the radioThe train passes near Gate Manor, a fine Victorian mock Jacobean hall.I had a fine view from my sitting-room window.It can take several days of fine weather for the grass to dry out.Enjoy with your Tandoori special fine wines, draught or bottled beer."I could cook something for dinner." "That's okay - a sandwich is fine with me."I’m fine"Did you want some more coffee?" "No, I'm fine , thank you."feel fineBut I ran in it and it felt fine.I am being set up in the ward and it occurs to me that I am feeling fine.Maybe not, since Henry, unless he got the thallium anywhere near the chicken leg, would be feeling fine.He said that while the foot felt fine after the game, his wind was missing.He said his back feels fine and, at times, retirement is boring.Spring focus: 2B Craig Biggio says he feels fine, but he is coming off surgery for two torn knee ligaments.A half-hour went by before I finally decided I wasn't going to feel fine ever again.I felt fine, I was just missing.fine winesGoddard describes the nuances of some of these teas the way a wine connoisseur speaks of fine wines.They have all been chosen for their comfort, good food and fine wines.He dines at the best restaurants, drinks fine wines and beds whomever attracts him.Excellent lunch with fine wines and liqueurs.Enjoy with your Tandoori special fine wines, draught or bottled beer.She became taxi driver, purveyor of fine wines, lender of lurex and drag-hag extraordinaire.The only thing missing were the fine wines that Mellor likes to sample.The finest wines were always delivered and the food had to match.stays fineI hope it stays fine for you.fine featuresHe had fine features, I thought, but he looked like every other handsome man I had ever seen.finer pointsIt hasn't learned this behaviour; it was born with it, though it gradually learns the finer points.Sometimes they were right, news crews rarely had the time or the inclination to pursue the finer points.To begin the evening Laurent Perrier will conduct a champagne tasting, educating us all on the finer points in choosing champagne.His elucidation of the finer points of betting is also excellent.a fine one to talkMind you our school tested anyway so she's a fine one to talk!Nev was a fine one to talk.