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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgooeygoo‧ey /ˈɡuːi/ adjective (comparative gooier, superlative gooiest) informal  1 CSSTICKsticky and soft gooey cakes gooey mud2 EMOTIONALshowing your love for someone in a way that other people think is silly syn soppy Babies make her go all gooey.
Examples from the Corpus
gooeyBabies make her go all gooey.Bars turned gooey as they slid underwater - then the youngsters slipped on them when they stood up to get out.The car managed like it was stuck in gooey caramel, because a car is like a horse sometimes.This gooey mess was wiped off with towels at the end of the evening.The Mars bar will melt into a gooey mess ... which tastes absolutely delicious.Gao Ma pulled himself out of the gooey slops.She gave me a gooey smile and then eased her grip.go all gooeyYou can love somebody without going all gooey.