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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpowderypow‧der‧y /ˈpaʊdəri/ adjective  1 CSlike powder or easily broken into powder powdery snow2 DCcovered with powder
Examples from the Corpus
powderyThe snow was dry and powdery.The real thing is granular, not powdery.This was the dry season, and the ground was red and powdery.Squeezing her fist together she crumbled it into fine powdery dust.A smile of lath opened amid powdery fallout.Before we left, the slopes were covered with the powdery snow that skiers dream about.The marble gives it a peculiar, powdery taste.Old powdery tenements fell to the ground.The earth in the flower bed in front of the window was grey and powdery, the result of several weeks of drought.