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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishribbedribbed /rɪbd/ adjective  CSsomething that is ribbed has raised lines on it a ribbed woollen sweater
Examples from the Corpus
ribbedShe was in the cargo hold, standing on the ribbed floor of the shuttle next to the loading hatch.Action adjustment on the ebony bridge is via two ribbed height adjusting wheels.It is a hall church, with soaring, ribbed nave piers.Thick, ribbed or thin ropes can be made depending on the nozzle chosen.It is supported on octagonal ribbed piers with tiny foliated capitals.The sea-wall's ribbed stones glitter like light-houses.a ribbed turtleneck sweaterThe nave and choir have the usual Gothic ribbed vault but in the aisles the Piast vaulting can be clearly studied.Only the interior ribbed vaults are Gothic, and the abundance of fine sculpture both on the exterior and inside.