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rumblerumble2 noun [singular]  CSSOUNDa series of long low soundsrumble of the low rumble of traffic in the distance the distant rumble of gunfiresee thesaurus at sound
Examples from the Corpus
rumbleWhat began as a rumble became a powerful roar as the volcano erupted.This drew a rumble of protest, as Tyler had expected it would.Are deeper rumbles in the offing?I sat there contented a minute that night, quite lost in the maddening rumble.The arena was almost full and it had all the makings of a full scale rumble.No sound except the rumble of an invisible train clattering through the night.Why he never even heard the rumbles.Soon the tunnels echoed to the rumble of many booted feet.The rumble of the train going by woke me up.He turned the engine over, the warm rumble of his Baby rejuvenating him.distant rumbleA new sound was growing in the tunnel, a distant rumble.There was a distant rumbling and crashing, which was intensified and reflected by the mountain slopes.There was a long, distant rumble.I could faintly hear the distant rumble of commuter traffic from my bedroom - a reminder of what I had temporarily escaped.The only noise was the distant rumble of traffic on the coastal road.