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shriekshriek2 noun [countable]  CSSCREAMa loud high sound made because you are frightened, excited, angry etc syn screamshriek of a shriek of laughterwith a shriek With a shriek of delight, Jean hugged Maggie.give/let out a shriek Ella let out a piercing shriek.
Examples from the Corpus
shriekA bird woke up in a tree and gave a shriek.With a shriek of delight, she threw herself into the water.A shriek, like the tearing of metal train wheels along metal rails, died away.The screaming and shriek were noises in his head.Almost before he started speaking they all burst into shrieks of laughter.I was woken up by a loud shriek from the bathroom.Then he let out a piercing shriek.Seconds later, the night was made hideous by the shrieks of alarm from the man-apes in the cave above.Half way home he heard the shrieks again offshore, but this time the fathers had taken it up, too.The vehicles pulled over when they heard the shriek of the police siren.shriek ofa shriek of terror