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thumpthump2 noun [countable]  1 CSSOUNDthe dull sound that is made when something hits a surface The box fell to the floor with a thump.see thesaurus at sound2 [usually singular] especially British EnglishHIT an action in which you hit someone or something If he does that again, I’ll give him a good thump. a thump on the jaw
Examples from the Corpus
thumpJimmy heard a thump, followed by the slamming of the front gate.More usually, they come down with a thump a yard or so away.A suitcase toppled off the top of the wardrobe and landed on the floor with a thump.He could hear the music and its pile-driving thump in the background.The heavy thump of acid house music was everywhere.There was a loud thump as Eddie threw Luther back against the wall.There were no grunts, no thumps, no scuffling of feet.The thump of the wall against his back.At two in the morning I was awakened by tremendous thumps and crashes which were shaking the cabin.