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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtinkletin‧kle1 /ˈtɪŋkəl/ noun [countable usually singular]  1 CSa light ringing soundtinkle of the distant tinkle of a cow-bellsee thesaurus at sound2 give somebody a tinkle3 have a tinkle
Examples from the Corpus
tinkleShe could not utter a sentence for giving a tinkle of value to some innocent word.Hop on over to the end of the road and give her a tinkle.A constant clash and tinkle came from the kitchens across the courtyard, like the percussion section of an orchestra from hell.The crashing seemed to go on for ever as tiny broken fragments bounced with a dainty tinkle across the brick floor.Only the eerie tinkle of leg irons and shouted commands break the silence.As we rounded the lake's southern edge and moved up to the eastern shore, a faint tinkle filled the air.There was a bell beside the gate, and Dorothy pushed the button and heard a silvery tinkle sound within.The last thing Ardamal heard as he raced down the corridor was the tinkle of metal parts hitting the floor.the tinkle of glass and chinatinkle ofthe tinkle of Christmas bells