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tinkletinkle2 verb  1 CS[intransitive, transitive] to make light ringing sounds, or to make something do this a tinkling bell2 [intransitive] spoken to urinate (=pass water from your body) – used especially by children or when talking to children Do you have to go tinkle?→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tinkleThe ring fell from her hands and went tinkling across the floor.It tinkled, an old-world merriness.Bells tinkled as she opened the door.The Monsignor tensed with the sound of flatware clanking and tinkling in the kitchen.I rang the bell and heard it tinkle inside.There was a typewriter involved too and as the lift went up and down the typewriter's bell tinkled metallically.The tinkling of busted glass, the sucking of his bottle.From down the hall came the sound of tinkling silverware and the scrape of a chair being settled in its place.Tabitha's headset suddenly locked into an ambient channel and began to tinkle with tinny salsa.