Date: 1500-1600
Origin: a napron, mistaken for an apron; napron (14-16 centuries) from Old French naperon, from nape 'cloth'


a‧pron [countable]
1 a piece of clothing that covers the front part of your clothes and is tied around your waist, worn to keep your clothes clean, especially while cooking

apron strings

informal the relationship between a child and its mother, especially if the mother controls an adult son or daughter too much:
You're 25 years old, and you still haven't cut the apron strings.
Jeff is still tied to his mother's apron strings.
3TTA technical the hard surface in an airport on which planes are turned around, loaded, unloaded etc
4 technical also apron stageAPT the part of the stage in a theatre that is in front of the curtain

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