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asideaside2 noun [countable]  1 APTwords spoken by an actor to the people watching a play, that the other characters in the play do not hear2 SAY/STATEa remark made in a low voice that you only intend particular people to hearsee thesaurus at comment3 SAY/STATEa remark or story that is not part of the main subject of a speech I should add, as an aside, that the younger the child, the faster they learn.
Examples from the Corpus
asideHe noted as an aside that Mrs. Singer was also a member.As an aside, if the bad-tasting red disks are strongly reinforced, avoiding pain can become more important than seeking pleasure.Both stories are marvelously told with learned asides that Otto is so good at.They have the character of asides.What were usually asides, about life, religion, art, politics, had come to dominate the story.