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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauditionau‧di‧tion1 /ɔːˈdɪʃən $ ɒː-/ noun [countable]  APTa short performance by an actor, singer etc that someone watches to judge if they are good enough to act in a play, sing in a concert etcaudition for I’ve got an audition for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on Friday.
Examples from the Corpus
auditionA: It was really an audition.an audition for the lead partI used to sit and watch him at auditions.Entry to the course, as might be expected, depends largely on auditions.His unusual choice and his talent brought a second audition, and then the coveted part in the West End.She'd been to several auditions and not been offered anything and she didn't seem to have any men around.Taking a cricket bat to the audition isn't a bad idea although you can get the same effect with an umbrella.I flew to London, went to the audition straight off.audition forJudy said she auditioned for a yogurt commercial.