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auditionaudition2 verb  1 APT[intransitive] to take part in an auditionaudition for She’s auditioning for Ophelia in ‘Hamlet’.2 [transitive] to watch and judge someone’s performance in an audition We auditioned more than 200 dancers before deciding on Carole Ann.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
auditionMonths later I auditioned again for a casting agent.Tom applied, and auditioned, and he was chosen.Then I had no excuse not to audition for plays, and when I did I found that I enjoyed it.But 90 per cent of the cast make like they're auditioning for the next Pink Panther movie.She met her husband when she auditioned for the part of Ophelia in an all-black production of "Hamlet".Risking everything, Saskia auditions for the position of best friend with a dazzling burst of literary fantasies.Another singer had been released from a contract and Jones was asked to audition in her place.We're auditioning the cast but we've got a magician and an animal act, a comedian and a memory man.Here I was, auditioning to a world famous violinist.