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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauditoriumau‧di‧to‧ri‧um /ˌɔːdəˈtɔːriəm $ ˌɒː-/ ●○○ noun (plural auditoriums or auditoria /-riə/) [countable]  1 APTthe part of a theatre where people sit when watching a play, concert etc2 American EnglishTBBDL a large building used for concerts or public meetings
Examples from the Corpus
auditoriumRough terraces of seats were fashioned to serve as an auditorium.We gathered in an auditorium and watched a videotape.A few minutes late, I slipped into the half-full auditorium, spotted Sergei near the back, and sat beside him.She will read at 8 tonight in the University of Arizona's Modern Languages auditorium.the school auditoriumShe hardly ventured beyond the auditorium, but all those windows that had been left broken through the winter were replaced.The Moulin Rougestaff steer them all to their tables in the auditorium, which is lit with small pink lamps.The walls were dark gray and bare, but Horton speckled and painted the floors of the auditorium aisles with free-form designs.She hurried downstage and scampered down the makeshift gangway to the auditorium floor.