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ldoce_213_emake-upˈmake-up, makeup /ˈmeɪkʌp/ ●●○ noun  1 for your face [uncountable]DCBAPT coloured substances that are put on your face to improve or change your appearance I don’t usually wear much make-up. make up at make12 people in a group [singular]GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGS the make-up of a group or team is the combination of people that are in itmake-up of We should change the make-up of the team.3 somebody’s make-up4 test [countable] (also make-up test) American EnglishSES a test that you take in school when you were not able to take a previous testCOLLOCATIONSverbswear make-upThey’re not allowed to wear make-up to school.have make-up on (=be wearing make-up)She had no make-up on.use make-upShe rarely uses make-up.put on make-up (also apply make-up formal)Gloria watched her mother put on her make-up.do your make-up (=put on make-up)I’ll do your make-up for you, if you want.take off make-up (also remove make-up formal)Take off eye make-up gently, using a cotton ball.touch up/fix your make-up (=put a little more make-up on after some has come off)She went into the bathroom to touch up her makeup.smudge your make-up (=accidentally rub it so that it spreads to areas where you do not want it)Grace wiped her eyes, smudging her make-up.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + make-upheavy make-up (=a lot of make-up)a girl in high heels and heavy make-upeye make-upShe was wearing far too much eye make-up.stage make-up (=make-up that actors wear in plays)the elaborate stage make-up for ‘The Lion King’pancake make-up (=very thick make-up worn by actors)His face was covered by thick pancake makeup.make-up + NOUNa make-up artist (=someone whose job is to put make-up on actors, people appearing on television etc)the chief make-up artist on the filmTHESAURUSmake-up coloured substances that are put on your face to improve or change your appearanceI don’t usually wear much make-up.cosmetics creams, powders etc that you use on your face and body in order to look more attractivea range of cosmetics and toiletrieslipstick a substance you use for adding colour to your lips, in the shape of a small stickShe was wearing bright red lipstick.eyeshadow coloured cream or powder that you put on your eyelidseyeliner something you use for adding a line of colour at the edges of your eyelids to make your eyes look bigger or more noticeablemascara a dark substance you use to colour your eyelashes and make them look thickerblusher (also blush American English, rouge old-fashioned) red or pink cream or powder used for making your cheeks look slightly more pinkfoundation a cream the same colour as your skin that you put on your face before the rest of your make-up
Examples from the Corpus
make-upHe noticed the artful make-up, the elegant hair style.Neil Kinnock's clothes, make-up, speeches, audiences, responses and, of course, policies were all decided for him.Her constant attempts to justify her actions tell the reader a lot about her emotional make-up.This behaviour is part of our genetic make-up rather than our cultural conditioning.The sinewy neck and its prominent adam's apple, the all-too-heavy make-up, the pronounced muscles on the legs and arms.With regard to his mental make-up, his disposition is basically friendly and peaceful; he is faithful, obedient and willing to work.If you do use them, make sure that your lashes are free of all traces of make-up.According to our make-up so will be our reaction.In this way, he gained a lot of insight into the psychological make-up of different sheep in his flock.It's not in their make-up to accept defeat.They would always be busy putting on their make-up and brushing their hair.