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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopera houseˈopera house noun [countable]  APMAPTa theatre where operas are performed the Sydney Opera House
Examples from the Corpus
opera houseBy the mid-1880s Atchison had gas and electricity, a hospital, a good library, and an opera house.But opera is politically neutral and the Khabarovsk opera house was vacant most of the time.They grew wealthy overnight and had a beautiful little opera house built in the midst of their shacks on the steep slope.Once the best you could hope for was a 50-year-old prima ballerina who sometimes starred at the local opera house.Not only was the curtain rung down but the opera house was dismantled.She prefers her recordings made live in the opera house and regards herself totally as a woman of the theatre.They polished up the opera house, and every summer stars from the Metropolitan came out and performed.The opera house was used to store petrol and the stage was used for five-a-side football.