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playplay2 ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 theatre [countable]APT a story that is written to be performed by actors, especially in a theatre a play by Chekhov This is a major theme of Miller’s plays.play about Edward Bond’s play about class war2 amusement [uncountable]PLAY A GAME OR SPORT things that people, especially children, do for amusement rather than as work Play is very important to a child’s development. a play areathrough play The program aims to teach road safety through play.at play the happy shouts of children at play3 effect [uncountable] the effect or influence of something the free play of competition in the building industryat play There are a number of factors at play (=having an effect) in the current recession.bring/put something into play (=use something or make it have an effect) A complex system of muscles is brought into play for each body movement. Political considerations do come into play (=have an effect) when making policy.4 action in a game or sportPLAY A GAME OR SPORT a) [uncountable] the actions of the people who are playing a game or sport Rain stopped play after only an hour. b) [countable] one particular action or set of actions during a game On the next play, Johnson ran 15 yards for a touchdown.5 in play/out of play6 play on words7 play of light8 make a play for something9 make a play for somebody10 looseness [uncountable]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION if there is some play in something, it is loose and can be moved There’s too much play in the rope. fair play, foul playCOLLOCATIONSverbswrite a playSo far, he has written three plays.go to (see) a playWhile we were in New York, we went to a play.see a playI’ve never seen the play.watch a playSome of the audience were talking instead of watching the play.perform a playThe play was performed by Brighton Youth Theatre.act/perform/appear in a playShe acted in many plays on the London stage.be in a play (=be performing in a play)Michael is currently in a play on Broadway.do a play spoken (=arrange it or perform in it)Bob asked if I would do this play, and I agreed.put on a play (=arrange for it to be performed)The school puts on a Nativity play every Christmas.direct a play (=tell the actors what to do)The play is directed by Paulette Randall.produce/stage a play (=arrange its performance)rehearse a play (=practise it)We spent weeks rehearsing the play.a play opens (=its performances start)The play opens in San Francisco on Wednesday for a three-week run.a play runs (=it continues to be performed)The play ran for five months.a play closes (=its performances stop)The play closes on Sunday, so don’t miss it!ADJECTIVES/NOUN + playa stage play (=a play in a theatre)I occasionally write reviews of local stage plays.a TV/radio play (=a play written to be performed on TV/radio)This horror story would make a good radio play.a school playI got a small part in the school play.a Nativity play British English (=a play about the birth of Jesus, performed by children at Christmas)She was chosen to play Mary in the nativity play.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘give a play’. Say put on a play.
Examples from the Corpus
playHe chose to do this by re-writing the scene in the form of a script for a play.After Troilus and Cressida almost any play is a relief, even the brothel scenes of Pericles.His doubts only increased when he performed another job, midway to finally making up his mind about the Bolt play.Make enough plays like that and nobody in the clubhouse will care if you ever say a word."Pygmalion" was one of Shaw's most famous plays.This brings into play an area of training known as free sparring.There needs to be a little more play in the fan belt for it to work right.On the next play, Ervin caught a forty-yard pass to score a touchdown.Parents need to understand the importance of play in a child's development.There's a huge difference in the level of play from college to the NFL.Episodes are based on dialogues, role play and cloze exercises, with the emphasis on building awareness of language appropriateness.These characters can be used to start play very quickly, saving time for eager players!The play is about two men on trial for murder.at playBy observing children at play , teachers can understand more about how they see the world.There are some important medical considerations at play in this tropical locale.bring/put something into playHowever, an unreasonable deviation brings s.12 into play.They suggested that the impact be harder, which would automatically contract the probe mechanism bringing the latches into play.I try to imagine the arguments another lawyer might bring into play.But what really puts the company into play is the fact that its stock has basically tanked.In so doing, this overrides the channel selector, bringing both channels into play at once.Typically, some one has a bright idea and decides to put it into play.Now a report from the Pensions Management Institute has suggested ways of changing the law to bring pension rights into play.It may have the means, but be unwilling or unable to bring them into play at a particular time.This time he was putting his heart into playing an angel in a Nativity play at the local church.