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playplay2 ●●● S1 W2 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 theatre [countable]APT a story that is written to be performed by actors, especially in a theatre πŸ”Š a play by Chekhov πŸ”Š This is a major theme of Miller’s plays.play about πŸ”Š Edward Bond’s play about class war2 amusement [uncountable]PLAY A GAME OR SPORT things that people, especially children, do for amusement rather than as work πŸ”Š Play is very important to a child’s development. πŸ”Š a play areathrough play πŸ”Š The program aims to teach road safety through play.at play πŸ”Š the happy shouts of children at play3 effect [uncountable] the effect or influence of something πŸ”Š the free play of competition in the building industryat play πŸ”Š There are a number of factors at play (=having an effect) in the current recession.bring/put something into play (=use something or make it have an effect) πŸ”Š A complex system of muscles is brought into play for each body movement. πŸ”Š Political considerations do come into play (=have an effect) when making policy.4 action in a game or sportPLAY A GAME OR SPORT a) [uncountable] the actions of the people who are playing a game or sport πŸ”Š Rain stopped play after only an hour. b) [countable] one particular action or set of actions during a game πŸ”Š On the next play, Johnson ran 15 yards for a touchdown.5 β†’ in play/out of play6 β†’ play on words7 β†’ play of light8 β†’ make a play for something9 β†’ make a play for somebody10 looseness [uncountable]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION if there is some play in something, it is loose and can be moved πŸ”Š There’s too much play in the rope. β†’ fair play, foul playCOLLOCATIONSverbswrite a playSo far, he has written three plays.go to (see) a playWhile we were in New York, we went to a play.see a playI’ve never seen the play.watch a playSome of the audience were talking instead of watching the play.perform a playThe play was performed by Brighton Youth Theatre.act/perform/appear in a playShe acted in many plays on the London stage.be in a play (=be performing in a play)Michael is currently in a play on Broadway.do a play spoken (=arrange it or perform in it)Bob asked if I would do this play, and I agreed.put on a play (=arrange for it to be performed)The school puts on a Nativity play every Christmas.direct a play (=tell the actors what to do)The play is directed by Paulette Randall.produce/stage a play (=arrange its performance)rehearse a play (=practise it)We spent weeks rehearsing the play.a play opens (=its performances start)The play opens in San Francisco on Wednesday for a three-week run.a play runs (=it continues to be performed)The play ran for five months.a play closes (=its performances stop)The play closes on Sunday, so don’t miss it!ADJECTIVES/NOUN + playa stage play (=a play in a theatre)I occasionally write reviews of local stage plays.a TV/radio play (=a play written to be performed on TV/radio)This horror story would make a good radio play.a school playI got a small part in the school play.a Nativity play British English (=a play about the birth of Jesus, performed by children at Christmas)She was chosen to play Mary in the nativity play.COMMON ERRORS β–Ί Don’t say β€˜give a play’. Say put on a play.
Examples from the Corpus
playβ€’ He chose to do this by re-writing the scene in the form of a script for a play.β€’ After Troilus and Cressida almost any play is a relief, even the brothel scenes of Pericles.β€’ His doubts only increased when he performed another job, midway to finally making up his mind about the Bolt play.β€’ Make enough plays like that and nobody in the clubhouse will care if you ever say a word.β€’ "Pygmalion" was one of Shaw's most famous plays.β€’ This brings into play an area of training known as free sparring.β€’ There needs to be a little more play in the fan belt for it to work right.β€’ On the next play, Ervin caught a forty-yard pass to score a touchdown.β€’ Parents need to understand the importance of play in a child's development.β€’ There's a huge difference in the level of play from college to the NFL.β€’ Episodes are based on dialogues, role play and cloze exercises, with the emphasis on building awareness of language appropriateness.β€’ These characters can be used to start play very quickly, saving time for eager players!β€’ The play is about two men on trial for murder.at playβ€’ By observing children at play , teachers can understand more about how they see the world.β€’ There are some important medical considerations at play in this tropical locale.bring/put something into playβ€’ However, an unreasonable deviation brings s.12 into play.β€’ They suggested that the impact be harder, which would automatically contract the probe mechanism bringing the latches into play.β€’ I try to imagine the arguments another lawyer might bring into play.β€’ But what really puts the company into play is the fact that its stock has basically tanked.β€’ In so doing, this overrides the channel selector, bringing both channels into play at once.β€’ Typically, some one has a bright idea and decides to put it into play.β€’ Now a report from the Pensions Management Institute has suggested ways of changing the law to bring pension rights into play.β€’ It may have the means, but be unwilling or unable to bring them into play at a particular time.β€’ This time he was putting his heart into playing an angel in a Nativity play at the local church.