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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstagestage1 /steɪdʒ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 time/state [countable]PART a particular time or state that something reaches as it grows or developsphase, stepstage of/in the early stages of a child’s development It’s a good move at this stage in his career. We’re getting to the stage where we hardly ever go out together.2 part of process [countable] one of the parts which something such as a competition or process is divided intostage of The team reached the semi-final stage of the competition.stage two/six etc We’re now reaching the end of stage three of the construction. The next stage is to complete an application form.in stages The rest of the money will be paid in stages (=a small amount at a time).3 theatre [countable]APT the raised area in a theatre which actors or singers stand on when they performbackstageon stage She is on stage for most of the play. She appeared on stage with George Michael.4 the stage5 centre stage6 place [singular]AREA OF KNOWLEDGE, DUTIES, STUDY ETCPLACE a place or area of activity where something important happenson the world/international/political etc stage He’s an experienced campaigner on the world stage. important figures on the European political stagestage for Geneva has been the stage for many such conferences.7 set the stage for something landing stageCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a particular time or state that something reaches as it grows or developsadjectivesthe early/initial stagesSometimes there are problems in the early stages of a project.the later/final/closing stagesShe was well cared for during the final stages of her life.the halfway stageHe was in the lead at the halfway stage.an advanced stageNegotiations are at an advanced stage.a new stageIt marked the beginning of a new stage in my life.a critical/crucial stage (=very important because it affects the future success of something)The football season is reaching a crucial stage.a formative stage (=when someone or something is developing)This plan is still in its formative stages.a difficult/an awkward stageHe was 13 and going through that awkward stage.verbsreach/get to a stageWe have reached the stage where no-one is safe to walk our streets at night.enter a stageHe is entering a new stage of his career.go through a stageMost young people go through a rebellious stage.mark a stageThe election marks an important stage in the rebuilding of the country.take something a stage furtherWe then took the experiment a stage further.phrasesa stage of developmentWe have several ideas in various stages of development.at one stage (=at a time in the past)At one stage I had to tell him to calm down.at some stageFour out of ten people are likely to contract cancer at some stage in their lives.at this/that stageAt this stage his wife did not realise he was missing.at an early/late stageI can’t change my plans at this late stage.at a later stageThese points will be dealt with at a later stage. THESAURUSstage one of several parts of a long process, which happen one after anotherAt this stage of the election campaign, it is impossible to predict who will win.She is still in the early stages of pregnancy.Piaget famously divided childhood into four separate stages.the opening stages of the racestep one of the parts of a process that you have to do or deal with in order to go on to the next oneThe first step is to make a list of what you need.What’s the next step?You have to do this one step at a time.phase one of the clearly separate stages of a process or activity, during which a type of activity takes place that is different from those in other phasesthe initial phase of the campaignThey were now entering the final phase of their journey.round one of the parts that an event or activity is divided into, especially talks or a sports competitionthe first round of the negotiationsthe final round of the competitionThe next round of the trade talks will be held in Geneva.point a specific time or moment during the course of somethingWhat do you really want at this point in your life?By this point they were starting to feel more confident. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the raised area in a theatre which actors or singers stand on when they performverbsbe on stageHe was on stage for most of the first act.appear on stageRecently she has appeared on stage in 'Private Lives'.go/come on stageI never drink before going on stage.walk on stage/onto the stageThe audience broke into applause as soon as he walked on stage.take the stage (=go on stage)The Charlatans took the stage in LA yesterday.leave the stageEveryone except the main character gradually leaves the stage.come off stageI came off stage last night and just collapsed in a heap.walk off the stage (=leave the stage, especially before you should)The pianist walked off the stage after playing only a few notes.
Examples from the Corpus
stageIt was also a stage of ambitious dreams being overtaken by reality.Many women feel depressed during the early stages of pregnancy.Construction of the bridge is in its final stage.The initial stages of the disease are difficult to recognize.We must have had 20 groups of costumed revelers trot by us up on stage.In other words, each state in the production process can only be begun once the previous stage has been completed.The orchestra was restricted to a semicircle in view of the needs of Roman drama and, in front of this was a raised stage.Dan has never gone through a rebellious stage.We saw a video showing the second stage in the development of a human embryo.Bureaucracies do not simply enter the policy-making process at the stage of implementation.Geneva has been the stage for many such conferences.We reached the stage where we'd given up any hopes of seeing our daughter alive.At this stage of the election campaign, it is impossible to say who will win.'How's your dissertation coming on?' 'I'm at the writing-up stage.'At what stage did her briefs tear loose?stage of/inAlthough they are at dramatically different stages of deployment, they are expected to be very competitive.To be sure, the electronic marketplace is still in the very early stages of development on the World Wide Web.Now the beer is ready for the final stage in the brewery before it leaves for the pub cellar.But not Adams, who finally landed one of three spots last week in the final stage of the 1996 archery trials.But our first experiment found that he neglects the left side of perceptual figures at a subsequent stage of attending to them.Where a guardian ad litem is not appointed initially there is power to appoint at any subsequent stage in the proceedings.Despite heroic efforts by the scientists, these virgin-born turkeys rarely progressed beyond the stage of simple embryos.They've just reached the half way stage of the project but it's taken them five years to get this far.stage two/six etcA review of the provision at stages 2 and 3 in physical sciences is now being finalised.By the time we come to Shang writing we are already well into stage 2: real writing.Make the Glazed Lemon Puddings to the end of stage 2.Moving into their stage 2 subgroups they are asked to share and relate these reactions.Prepare the plaice to the end of stage 2, cover and refrigerate.Recently, I had a conversation with some key stage 2 pupils about why things rot.Section heads can be questioned about performance, objectives and so on. 3 Implementation of ministers' decisions arising from stage 2.Problems with stage 2: the interest rate-investment link Again there are two types of criticism that Keynesians make about this link.on stageI get nervous every time I go on stage.on the world/international/political etc stageIf he were acting on the world stage, he would have won a Nobel Peace Prize long ago.Mrs Thatcher had emerged with much more confidence on the world stage by 1987.At the same time, it was beginning to flex its muscles on the world stage.Britain now, on the international stage, is a busted flush.The drama to be told was an epic of cosmic dimensions and significance, played out on the world stage.He says the two companies will form a strong group which will play an important part on the international stage.I had come to believe that on the world stage little occurred that was strictly coincidental.The deadlock also reflected the general feeling of uncertainty on the international stage engendered by events in the Soviet Union during August.