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stagestage2 ●●○ verb [transitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 APTPERFORMto organize a public eventstage a strike/demonstration/sit-in etc πŸ”Š Activists staged a protest outside the parliament. πŸ”Š exhibitions staged in Paris πŸ”Š The candidates’ public appearances were carefully staged (=not natural).2 β†’ stage a comeback/recovery etcβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stageβ€’ In 1993, Rorion decided to stage a big-money tournament of the type popular back home.β€’ They staged a magnificent production of "Aida" in the amphitheatre.β€’ Now to help raise money for the centre, volunteers are staging a sponsored sleep out on Friday.β€’ In the cyst stage a strong covering protects the parasite and allows it to survive the acid conditions of the stomach.β€’ They've already staged four one day strikes and this lunchtime they took their campaign to Downing Street.β€’ The plays were staged in sets of six, with no applause between parts of a set.β€’ It cost thousands of pounds to stage the concert, including performers' fees and the hire of equipment.β€’ Leverich also staged "The Glass Menagerie" here.β€’ Female speaker Voice over It's mix and match at Chipping Norton, where they're staging their first ever mixed fours.stage a strike/demonstration/sit-in etcβ€’ People living in Marl Drive staged a demonstration after waiting more than 18 hours for council workers to come to their assistance.β€’ It was unclear how far the students are willing to go, but some suggested staging a sit-in along police cordons.β€’ Unemployed workers staged strikes, and hungry peasants in many areas seized estates and took over village councils.β€’ Falun Gong's decision to stage demonstrations here has created a vexing dilemma for Hong Kong officials and business leaders.β€’ This is why it is important to avoid reducing fundamentalism to a handful of agitators who stage demonstrations in the streets.β€’ Disabled workers will be staging a demonstration outside the County Council in Trowbridge before Councillors meet to decide their future.β€’ I thought to stage a demonstration that would surprise Professor Summerlee here.