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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcherootche‧root /ʃəˈruːt/ noun [countable]  DFTa small cigar with both ends cut straight
Examples from the Corpus
cherootCartier-Bresson's puckish Jean Genet drawing on a cheroot.Yvonne was sitting at the table with a cheroot and a tall glass of wine.He sits there sucking on a dead cheroot, staring at the board like he's forgotten a phone number.He just stares at me, sucking on his cheroot like it was marijuana.Just as the pause edges towards the ridiculous he reaches into his jacket for this packet of cheroots.He sat on the deck and smoked cheroots.Tsu Ma listened, drawing on the cheroot from time to time, his smile growing broader by the moment.He crushed out the cheroot, then turned the full impact of those eyes on her.