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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcigarette lightercigaˈrette ˌlighter / $ ˈ... ˌ../ noun [countable]  DFTa small object that produces a flame for lighting cigarettes, cigars etc syn lighter
Examples from the Corpus
cigarette lighterForensic evidence showed the fire had been started in two places, possibly by a cigarette lighter or match.She heard the hiss of a cigarette lighter, and opened her eyes.It's a portable car phone that can be plugged into the socket of a cigarette lighter.Angry fists waved up, and some one threw something-a cigarette lighter? - at me, striking my knee.There was a silver cigarette lighter in the desk drawer, he remembered, rarely used now that he'd almost given up.There were two auxiliary power sockets next to the cigarette lighter.Wristwatch, wallet, tie, cigarette lighter.