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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpassive smokingˌpassive ˈsmoking noun [uncountable] especially British English  DFTthe act of breathing in smoke that is in the air around you when someone else is smoking cigarettes
Examples from the Corpus
passive smokingTheir wickedness was emphasised by several large posters detailing the dangers of both active and passive smoking.Specialist medical evidence in the case showed that he had developed lung cancer as a result of active and passive smoking.This means that several hundred of the 40,000 deaths from lung cancer each year may be caused by passive smoking.The authors conclude that the risk of respiratory conditions resulting from passive smoking, although small, is not negligible. 2.The tobacco industry requested that Stivoro be stopped from propagating its position on passive smoking.Or it may have been through passive smoking.Cotinine in the urine is a reliable indicator that the subject has been exposed to passive smoking.An analysis of the 1987 survey was undertaken to estimate the dose-response relations of height and respiratory symptoms to passive smoking.