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snuffsnuff2 noun [uncountable]  1 DFTa type of tobacco in powder form, which people breathe in through their noses He took a pinch of snuff. a snuff box (=a small box used to keep snuff in)2 up to snuff
Examples from the Corpus
snuffThey never said anything about snuff, silverweed and horse-racing.She'd taxed him with trading them for snuff, which was his passion, and he'd not denied it.The probably truth is that, like snuff, he regularly got up aristocratic noses.But she dipped her thumb and forefinger into the bag and took out a pinch of snuff.She took a pinch of snuff in her hand and sprinkled it over the note murmuring something under her breath.One of the mills still produces snuff.I jumped up in fright and in the process knocked the snuff out of her hand.snuff boxIn his hands he holds a snuff box, shaped like a small quiver, and a thin stick.Its use in the past included the manufacture of spoons and snuff boxes.Many of Birmingham's population of artisans were occupied in producing trays and caddies, as well as snuff boxes for Virginia tobacco.