Topic: TOOLS

Date: 1300-1400
Origin: From the man's name Jack


1 noun
jack1 [countable]
1TZ a piece of equipment used to lift a heavy weight off the ground, such as a car, and support it while it is in the air:
a hydraulic jack
2DGC a card used in card games that has a man's picture on it and is worth less than a queen and more than a ten
a pair of jacks
3T an electronic connection for a telephone or other electric machine:
a phone jack


[plural]DG a children's game in which the players try to pick up small objects called jacks while bouncing and catching a ball
b) DG a small metal or plastic object that has six points, used in this game
5DSO a small white ball at which players aim larger balls in the game of bowls

jack (shit)

American English spoken not polite a rude expression meaning anything at all:
He doesn't know jack shit about cars.

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