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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: livel, from Latin libella, from libra 'weight, balance'


1 noun
lev‧el1 S1 W1 [countable]


the amount or degree of something, compared to another amount or degree
level of
Increased supplies are needed to meet the level of demand.
high/low level
Dolphins show a high level of intelligence.
Inflation dropped to its lowest level in 30 years.
At the moment, public interest is at a high level.
price/income etc levels
the high salary levels of top executives
Special attention was paid to minimising noise levels.
Try to reduce your stress levels.
the downward trend in annual pollution levels


a particular standard of skill or ability, for example in education or sport
at ... level
Students at this level may have problems with basic grammar.
What level do you think you're at?
beginner/advanced/national etc level
Few athletes can compete at international level.
an advanced-level coursebook
A level


the height of something in relation to the ground or to another object
at ... level
Your arms should be at the same level as your desk.
eye/knee/shoulder etc level (=the same height as your eyes etc)
Skirts this year are just above knee level.
water/oil etc level (=the height of the water etc from the ground or the bottom of a container)
Check the water level in the car radiator.
ground level, sea level


TBB a floor or area of ground that is at a particular height, especially when you can go up or down to other floors or areas
on ... level
Didn't we park the car on Level 2?
The town is built on different levels.
The medical center is on one level (=so that you do not have to go up or down).

rank of job

a particular position in a system that has different ranks of importance
at ... level
Training is offered at each level in the department.
at board/management/senior etc level
Further talks at ministerial level were held.
high-level, low-level

way of understanding

a way of considering or understanding something
on ... level
The story can be understood on many different levels.
on a personal/practical/superficial etc level
I agree with you, but only on a theoretical level.

at local/state/national etc level

happening within a small area or the whole area of a state, country etc:
These changes are taking place at regional level.

a level playing field

a situation in which different people, companies, countries, etc can all compete fairly because no one has special advantages:
Small businesses want to compete on a level playing field with larger ones.

be on the level

informal to be honest and legal:
This is all on the level, right?

descend/sink to somebody's level

to behave as badly as someone:
If you hit him back, you'll only be descending to his level.


TZ a tool used for checking that a surface is flat [= spirit-level]

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